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Photo: Silke Kaiser / pixelio.de

Photo: Silke Kaiser / pixelio.de

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ICOfY Base

The ICOfY Base is a free chess games collection and can be downloaded by anyone. It can be used with most free and commercial chess programs, which support the PGN file format. Of course, it is also available in the file formats of Chessbase, Chess Assistant and SCID. Periodically more chess games will be added, existing entries will be revised and duplicated games will be removed.

The ICOfY Base chess games collection want to be an alternative not a replacement of the commercial products of Convekta or Chessbase. It just want to offer the chess players of all levels a free possibility to prepare for a specific opponent or an opening system. For this reason, the ICOfY Base chess games collection does not contain any short games with less than ten moves and does not include tournaments, places, or rounds.

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The Latest News

25/05/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.9 (Update) is published

11/05/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.8 (Update) is published

13/04/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.7 (Update) is published

30/03/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.6 (Update) is published

19/03/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.5 (Update) is published

04/03/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.4 (Update) is published

16/02/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.3 (Update) is published

02/02/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.2 (Update) is published

19/01/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1.1 (Update) is published

06/01/2014 - ICOfY Base 14.1 (Release) is published

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Frequently Asked Questions

Begin with the ICOfY Base?

First, you need a chess software which can at least open the PGN file format. I recommend SCID, because it is a good free open source software. Afterwards, you only need to download the latest Release and all later updates of Icofy Base. That is all :-)

Differences between releases and updates of ICOfY Base?

The current release only contains the latest release and all later updates. It contains no new chess games, but the quality of material is better. It is manually revised (especially the player names) and more double games are deleted.

How an update of ICOfY Base occurs?

Most of the time I spend with collecting the chess games from several sources. After that a semi-automatic process starts. First I change some information with a RegEx-Tool. Then I import the chess games into SCID and run several things (e.g. board search, strip PGN tags, add ELO ratings, add ECO codes, make player name corrections, and so on)

Now, I can export all games from the SCID database into one PGN file, which I import into a Chess Assistant database. There I can run the standard correction script over the database. After that Chess Assistant can find and destroy double games. The result dataset will be imported to the reference database (the last release with all following updates) and a final double games check runs.

That result dataset will be exported to PGN, I create the 7z archive, load it up to a mirror server, change the website und you can download the latest update file with only one click. Do you really want to do my work for yourself?

I have downloaded a file. What I have to do now?

First, you need a decompression tool, which support the 7z-archive format (e.g. 7-Zip). Then you can decompress the file. After this step you have one (or more) file(s), which you can open within your chess software.

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File formats: CA = Chess Assistant ; CB = Chessbase; PGN = Portable Games Notation; SCID = Scid

Date Issue Type / Details CA CB PGN SCID
25/05/2014 14.1.9 Update (7,166 Games - 3,121 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,145
11/05/2014 14.1.8 Update (28,992 Games - 9,154 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 811
13/04/2014 14.1.7 Update (11,023 Games - 4,366 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,183
30/03/2014 14.1.6 Update (7,367 Games - 3,541 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,005
19/03/2014 14.1.5 Update (11,138 Games - 4,069 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,002
04/03/2014 14.1.4 Update (5,712 Games - 3,193 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,134
16/02/2014 14.1.3 Update (7,135 Games - 2,990 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,287
02/02/2014 14.1.2 Update (34,159 Games - 6,329 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,391
19/01/2014 14.1.1 Update (29,471 Games - 7,042 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,427
06/01/2014 14.1 Release (5,022,012 Games - 334,212 Players) Download
DL: 590
DL: 861
DL: 2,527
DL: 2,083
22/12/2013 13.2.5 Update (19,826 Games - 8,313 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 945
01/12/2013 13.2.4 Update (12,547 Games - 4,784 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,005
10/11/2013 13.2.3 Update (11,826 Games - 5,087 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,219
27/10/2013 13.2.2 Update (11,985 Games - 4,281 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,320
13/10/2013 13.2.1 Update (40,213 Games - 9,901 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 1,520
06/10/2013 13.2 Release (4,963,243 Games - 333,382 Players) n/a n/a Download
DL: 2,357